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Companies + Products I love and respect.

Friends, I have partnered with a few wholesome brands whose work I respect (and use) to further help you in your #mamahood journey, whether that is during pregnancy, postpartum, and/or nursing.

To be fully transparent, some of the brands featured on my page do include affiliate links, which allow me to make a small commission if you purchase.

For Mama

mien studios


An entire collection designed by a mom, then cut, sewn, and dyed by small factories in Los Angeles. Click the link to get $10 off your purchase!

OrganicBasics Arren.jpg


Long-lasting sustainable basics in the softest organic cotton. Buy online today! Conscious everyday essentials made from soft, natural and renewable fibers. Use code ARRENOB to get 10% off your order!

For Baby

Get Dypers Delivered to Your Door!

Get Dypers Delivered to Your Door!


Get a DYPER Bamboo Diaper Subscription for $64/month and get a box of bamboo diapers for FREE!

Follow the Mother maker, Kim, on  @hellotreehousegoods

Follow the Mother maker, Kim, on @hellotreehousegoods


Get 10% off your purchase AND reduce your carbon footprint! Use code “beminimal” to get your biodegradable hangers today!