1 Dress, 8 Different Styles

Hello, my favorite people!

When I was deciding what clothes will be a part of my #25capsule, I had to ensure that the item had versatility in style. For me, this means I can wear it year-round (remember, this is slightly easier in Florida, but I will always make adjustments for people in other areas).

Lately, I have been posting on Instagram wearing this black linen button-down dress. I got it #secondhand via @thelinenroot and I just am so in love with the endless possibilities because it is a button-down. Maxi dresses don’t really have a reputation with versatility, there are usually a one-and-done style. As promised, here are some looks that I have put together to prove that button-down maxi dresses do have a place in your capsule wardrobe.

ONE | Dress as is

This dress is truly beautiful without anything under it and since it is linen, it is super comfy. I can wear this around the house or while running errands. When a piece of clothing looks styled by itself, it is a keeper.

TWO | T-shirt Under Dress

A new look that I have come to love is the “t-shirt under dress” look. Not my number one style because I feel like it highlights my broad shoulders, but definitely a look to embrace! This is just a simple, casual white t-shirt (I think a hand-me-down from my husband’s mom). I would probably wear this ensemble to Mass or work to cover up my shoulders.

THREE | T-Shirt Over Dress

You have probably seen this cream linen crop-top all over my feed! I wear it with a lot of my high-waist jeans or my geometric skort, and on dressy days (pun intended), I like to put it over my dresses. This top is from @billandjayclothing which is owned by two friends who hand-make everything in D.C.! Needless to say, linen on linen is a plus!

FOUR | With Cardigan

The cardigan and dress pairing gives me a well-put together look with minimal effort. Definitely a go-to and the great news is that it is easy to accomplish with any color and style cardigan! I am wearing a longer, thin cardigan from my fast-fashion days. It is from Uniqlo, and funny story, I actually bought on our honeymoon in the Philippines because our luggages were lost in China, so it holds some sentimental value to me.

FIVE | Sweater/Pullover over Dress

Again, an effortless and comfy look! I believe I wore this around the office once! It would be paired nicely in the colder months with leggings and some booties or high socks and booties. This sweater is from my fast-fashion days; it is from Francesca’s (I do want to say, I did buy it in the summertime, so it was $4.95 #moneysaver).

SIX | As a Duster

Go ahead and unbutton those buttons, sista! This is a the BIG reason why I absolutely love a good button-down dress. Wear the duster with a knotted top and high waist jeans, or a crop top with wide leg jeans. The overall idea is to add some depth to a casual outfit for a more polished look.

As a girl secret, when my period comes strolling around, I like to wear long dusters, cardigans, whatever to give me extra security, you know, in case an accident happens.

SEVEN | Scarf with Dress

This can work for both hot and cold seasons, just switch up the scarf fabric weight. I am wearing a light scarf from the Philippines. It is called a Hablon and was weaved by weave-makers from the island of Iloilo. I bought this from a friend who was upstarting a company called @GugmaWeaves. Gugma meaning “deep love.” I met them on my travels to the Philippines when I was doing research for anti-human trafficking for a Fulbright Grant. Check out the history of Hablons below.

What is Hablon?

Hablon is taken from the Hiligaynon word "Habol" meaning "to weave". It now refers to both the process of making the fabric and both the product. Traditionally it is made of locally made fibers such as Piña, Abaca and Cotton. Through the years, polyester and other fibers was added to strengthen the fabric.

Where can you see weaving Houses in Iloilo?

Camiña Balay na Bato and Sinamay House are both located at Osmeña St., Arevalo, Iloilo City while Arevalo Handwoven Products can be found at Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Arevalo, Iloilo City.

In Iloilo Province, Municipalities of Miagao and Oton hosts weaving communities.

-Courtesy of the Iloilo City of Tourism Facebook

EIGHT | Coat

So, I did not plan this, but it came to me while writing, but in the winter time, you can just throw your favorite overcoat and boots with the dress to achieve a well-put-together, warm look. One coat I can easily envision is Only Child’s Cardiff Coat. It is made in medium weight wool, so perfect for layering! I love that this piece has some structure but also looks soft and flow-y at the same time. It has got some numbers behind the dollar sign, so it will sit on my wishlist for a while, BUT I am actively saving up for this investment!

Where can I find something similar?

On sale!

@thegoodthrift is currently selling a black linen button-down dress similar to mine (it does have sleeves)! Follow her for the latest in vintage styles without breaking the bank!

If that dress is sold, try checking out your local thrift stores or making your own button-down maxi dress (I will one day experiment it myself).


Who knew that one maxi dress could have 8 different outfit combinations. I think in total I only used 7 other items, so it is totally possible to add a maxi to your capsule wardrobe! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading, my friends!