Get Your Personal Stylist and Minimize your Closet all in One Free App

This is in no way sponsored by the Caldwell App. These are my own honest thoughts and opinions. I am not receiving commission for writing this blogpost. Enjoy and read away, my friend! 

You would think “downsizing” would be easy! Well, my friend, then everyone would do it! 

If you’re thinking about starting a capsule know that it can be a very demanding task (with little tasks in between). You could lose hours of sleep thinking about what to wear now and what to buy later. You could sit in the middle of your room blankly staring at the mountainous mess of clothing that you created, trying not to cry (may or may not be speaking from experience). You could ask yourself, “what the heck did I get myself into.” You could second guess yourself about what’s in the “to sell,” “to donate,” and the “to keep” piles. Essentially, you could focus on many things that avert your focus off the main goal, minimizing, which will force you back to square one: not minimizing.

What if I told you there’s an app out there that makes ALL OF THIS a teeny bit easier?

Indeed, there are some less stressful ways to tackle minimizing and a capsule wardrobe (and if you’re not minimizing, still keep reading, this app can still benefit you).

For my last post, I wrote about 7 ways to gradually get to a capsule wardrobe, and well, I wrote that BEFORE I discovered this productive and helpful app! I fully believe if I had this app in the beginning of my minimizing process, downsizing would have been more detoxifying than disastrous.

Here are a couple of things I wish I had known before I started my capsule so rapidly:

  • I wish I had a system to organize my clothes for me.

    • I’m a very visual person, so I had to see the outfit combos in a flat-lay. And yes, my bed was buried for days; I have found it since. It was difficult to see all my outfit options and keep organized.

  • I wish I could store/ save my outfit combos, without taking over 1,768 pictures 

  • I wish I could see the numeric impact of a item of clothing (how many outfits does one item create) so that if I were between two pieces keep, donate, or sell, I could choose the more versatile piece.

  • I wish I could actually count out the number of outfit combos (including shoes, because my #25capsule doesn’t include shoes)!

So, my sub-par solutions were to:

  • Take a picture of everything and use PowerPoint/ photoshop to manually match and style clothing 

  • Take a photo of each outfit and somehow copy and paste the photo in my standard iPhone Notes app OR

  • Just wing it and not wear any clothing (joking)

But these options still weren’t making the cut; I was still so un-organize, I struggled to match and style some pieces, I still spent more time than I wanted on sitting in my closet, wondering about which outfit to wear. And then one day, I found it on IG, and not from Cladwell promoting it!

I actually found this app on someone’s IG story yesterday and decided to research it! Cladwell was a paid service where the app styles your current clothes with fresh, new expert eyes! BUT NOW IT’S FREE!

Download it for a limited time and get it “free for life.”

And it does several things as mentioned on their website and app download page:

• Simply Upload Your Closet
Browse over 15,000 women's & men's articles of clothing that are similar to what you already own and add them to your digital closet within the app. Can't find a specific item? Quickly snap a photo of your clothes and upload.

• See Every Outfit Idea
Receive daily outfit inspiration based on what's in your closet, the weather forecast, and how often you wear an item. Swipe through the outfit ideas, and log it for the day. Need a little more inspiration? Browse your virtual closet to see outfits by specific articles of clothing.

• Organize Your Closet
Have specific clothes for work or a particular season? Are you packing for a trip? Organize your closet with Cladwell's Capsule Wardrobe Manager. See the most relevant outfit ideas, specific to the clothes in a selected capsule wardrobe.

• Discover Your Personal Style
Cladwell allows you to track what you wear each day, so you learn about your personal style. Discover which clothing you love and wear most often, and which you don’t. Feel great about cutting the closet clutter while looking great.

• Shop Smarter
Discover what types of clothing to add that best match what you already own in your closet or capsule wardrobe. We won’t sell you the clothes, but we will help you get the most out of your closet through styling.

Discover your style and unlock endless outfit possibilities with Cladwell.

If you’re not convinced… then I am a terrible salesperson (good thing this isn’t sponsored).

It’s not Perfect

With only 4 stars on Apple iTunes, I will say it is not perfect. Sometimes it does crash when loading. Or the page just decides it will load for 3 minutes.

Another thing, I don’t like ALL of the outfits it suggests, so I just delete it and move on. Don’t compromise your artistic freedom; you will not need to wear what the app tells you. You can still invent your outfits with the “Build and Outfit” button.

I also wish there were more suggestions for what to add to my capsule, for right now, it suggested to add a graphic tee, but I honestly don’t like graphic tees (because I am overtly basic).


Be Creative

Use the “Build and Outfit” button!

Updates on #25Capsule

How Cladwell saved my #25Capsule

Since I began using this app, yesterday, I have uploaded my “closet” (from a mix of Cladwell provided images and my screenshots). Out of my 25 items, I can make 546 outfits. To put that into perspective, I could theoretically live off these clothes for about 1.5 years! That is a lot of outfits; talk about #sustainablefashion!

I was able to narrow down my wishlist with some of Cladwell’s suggestions AND I finally bought somethings (plural) with money I was saving from clothes I sold. I bought some new Blundstone Heel Boots, another Tradlands Lily top (white), and some Dune Pants from Only Child Clothing. I got super giddy when I input those items into my “closet” on Cladwell! Now, the question has become: is there a such thing as instant shipping?

Well, I’ve digressed!

screen shot

546 Outfits

Enough outfits for 1.5 years!

I’m psyched that there is a free option and I just wanted to share it with you guys! Let me know how it works for you and if you keep up with it! I really hope I can! Will you keep me accountable?

Also, I am sure there are more apps that help with this! if you know of any and want to share them with me, let me know that as well!

Thanks, my friends!