My First #10x10 Challenge

Woohoo! I did it!! After watching the pros do this challenge, I thought, “Oh, this is going to be super easy.”

But I was incredibly wrong.

It was more challenging than I initially thought and I am really surprised with the results. Before I share that with you, here is some background on what it is. The 10x10 Challenge was created by fashion blogger, Style Bee. Basically, you pick 10 pieces of clothing to style 10 different outfits over 10 days. To read more about the 10x10 Challenge, click here.

In this blog, I just wanted to let you know what I learned this time around and what I hope to do for the next 10x10Friends Challenge.


1.     WOW – I am actually creative

Ten pieces? It's not much to work with, which encourages you to think beyond the norm for clothing. One of my favorite outfits was simply using a button down shirt into a top layer or a cardigan over a dress. It completely changes the look of the dress.

2.     I did less laundry

It’s really ethically hard to start a wash with only two pieces of clothing in the washer. I would feel guilty and wasteful. Since I did not pick a lot of tops, I had to keep cycling back to them and I was extra careful about getting them dirty.

3.     I kinda cheated, but it’s okay

On the last two days, my tops were dirty and I tried not to go into my closet to get a shirt. So I improvised and still feel like I was “within” the challenge rules. I used my tank top (which I count as undergarments) and styled it with a Blazer. And the last day, I used my husband’s shirt and tied a knot in the front (which technically, I was still using 10 pieces of my clothing *wink*).


1.     Pack more basic styles with fewer dresses

I definitely think two dresses were pushing it, especially since one of the dresses was noticeable (the blue and white linen stripes). Next time, I think I will add one more bottom and one more top. I would take away the blazer and the extra dress. 

2.     Plan the outfits ahead of time

Instead of planning, I simply woke and decided that morning what I was going to wear, but this did not help cycle my clothes effectively. Next time, I want to try to not use the same pieces consecutively. I guess you can call it a challenge within the challenge, but it’s definitely not required.

3.     I will count shoes next time

Again, I am a cheater! Just kidding, but I didn’t want to apply too much pressure for my first 10x10, so I didn’t include shoes in my count. But next time, I think two pairs will suffice.

This time I did: 2 dresses | 4 tops | 3 bottoms | 1 blazer

Next time, I think I will do: 4 tops | 1 cardigan | 3 bottoms | 2 pairs of shoes

And there you have it, my friends, a summary of my first time completing the 10x10friends challenge. Will you be joining me next time? Let's meet up and have some coffee if you decide, "yes." :)

10x10 Outfits: