Capsule Staple: Sustainable Jumpsuit Made for Mamas at All Stages

**All thoughts and opinions on this post are mine. I was not gifted this jumpsuit; I purchased on my own accord. Enjoy this honest review and styling guide.**

Mien Studios Lakeside Wide leg Jumpsuit

Mien Studios Lakeside Wide leg Jumpsuit

I bought this jumpsuit over a month ago and I cannot stop wearing it; I have probably got in half of my “30 wears!” I just wanted to share my thoughts on the jumpsuit and how I have chosen to style it to prove that it is truly a season-less jumpsuit for all sizes at all stages in life.

This organic cotton jumpsuit from Mien Studios was definitely on my list after the #stsfxbfbipoc10x10 . If fact, I don’t think I made it through the 10x10, I had to put my order in the next day! Mien Studios has a variety of beautiful tones in their palette that I eventually would like to invest in, but for meantime, I decided to go with the True Black. I considered white -- then I remembered I had an exploratory toddler.

In my journey towards a sustainable capsule closet, I was already looking to invest in a jumpsuit, but I had some criteria. I wanted it to be:

  • Sustainably made

  • To have room near the crotch (I have a slightly longer torso)

  • And I needed it to work if I were pregnant and nursing… or not. The point is I didn’t want to pack it away if my body changed on me.

After researching AND wearing for a month, I have learned this from the jumpsuit: 

Easy on

There are no zippers or buttons to work with. You can pull it on and be done; it takes me half of a second to get it on, one fluid motion, y’all.


The wide-leg is super generous and gives off the impression of a flowy dress, BUT THEY ARE PANTS (a plus in my case, #IHateChaffing).

Soft to touch for you… and baby

The material is super soft, it feels like your favorite pair of pajamas. The cotton is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. This tells me it is made sans-chemicals and will be safe for baby if holding and/or breastfeeding.  

BIPOC Maker based in L.A.

This jumpsuit was knit, cut, sewn, & dyed in Los Angeles by a BIPOC maker, Lisa. I spoke with Lisa briefly before purchasing. It was great to connect with the maker about the product. I, with my last-minute planning, thought it would be a great idea to wear it to a photoshoot, so I thought I would ask for expedited shipping and she worked with me to ensure that I got it before the photoshoot date – can you say great talent AND quality customer service?  

Has [HIDDEN] pockets

Self-explanatory, and if you aren’t sold right now, you must not be a mother who juggles 10 things plus her baby at once XD, or not a woman who likes to bring her phone to bathroom but forgets it on the toilet paper stand. #justsaying

Year-round style

I truly desire to build a closet where I do not need to pack away clothes each season, this jumpsuit fits that and here are some styles to prove it.

Add a Jacket or Duster for Fall/Winter

In Florida, it is necessary to layer. Bring a cardigan with you to “up” the flow or the “#potatosacksisterhood” look or slim it out with blazer! This just proves the jumpsuit can work for date night, work days, and sitting around the house!

Layer a Sweater or Long-sleeve Shirt over 

Wear a Short-Sleeve Shirt over

Tops Respectively:

Tradlands Lily Shirt in White (here is their updated version)

Bill + Jay Clothing’s Ana Crop Tee in Cream

Vetta Capsule’s Casual Flutter Tee in a front knot

Graphic tee from a clothing swap

Take those button-ups and t-shirts to the next level over your jumpsuit! You can leave them unbuttoned or button and knotted to achieve a different look. My personal favorite is a knotted tee to accentuate the pregnancy belly!

Wear a Lace Crop Top to Make it Elegant

Tops Under the Jumpsuit

This is one is my favorite. I can put a casual tee, a dressy one, or a turtle neck (not picture) to go from “a-day-in-the-park” to “family-holiday-party.”

As is!

Love the look of it “as-is.”

There you are! I have not taken a picture of this jumpsuit with my short sleeve turtle necks, but I am definitely planning to soon! For more outfit ideas with this jumpsuit, follow me on Instagram @minimalmills.

Support BIPOC makers…and look good!

Get your jumpsuit today!! There are plenty of colors to choose from and different styles if this one isn’t for you.